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Q7-32-722-80 Tapered Button Bit

  • Diameter: 32mm
  • Length: 80mm
  • Carbide Dimension: 7mmx7
  • Carbide Design of Tapered Buttons: Parabolic(Semi-Ballistic)
  • Water Holes: 2 on front, 1 on side.

Q7-32-722-80 Tapered Button Bit

Tapered button bit
Tapered button bit
Tapered button bit
Tapered button bit
Tapered button bit

Product details

Rock Drilling Tools ProDrill, Taper button bit  as small hole rock drill bits are different with thread button bit as long hole bit to use taper match with jack hammer bit with rod to be used for air leg or hand held jack hammer driller in quarrying, and mining. 

Tapered Drill BitTapered Button Bit face design7 Buttons Tapered Drill Bit7 Degree Tapered Button Bit

Tapered Drill Bits Description : 
(1)Connect shank Size: Φ19, Φ22, Φ25 at most 
(2)Bit Diameter: 32mm,34mm,36mm, 38mm,40mm 
(3)Tapered connection: 6 degree, 7 degree, 11 degree, 12 degree etc. 
(4)Material︰Alloy Steel Bar 45CrNiMoVA, Tungsten Carbide Tips YK05 or T6. 
(5)Button Shape︰ Ballistic Face Type︰ Flat Face,Convex Face; Bit Body︰Standard 
(6)Qty of button: 5, 7, 8 pcs

(7)main market: India, Saudi Arabia, Chile, South Africa, and other stone countries

 Tapered Button Bit

32mm-11°H22-6Button Bit, Tapered Hole Zinc Plated, Carbide Layout 7mm*6

PDFFor more details please watch PDF online: Tapered Buttons Bits for Small Hole Drilling Catalogue

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