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FF (Box to Box) Sub Adapter

FF (Box to Box) Sub Adapter

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Rock drilling tools manufacturer ProDrill: The sub adapter of drill-class production technology, and has formed a complete production system has a number of leading level of electro-hydraulic forging hammer, to control atmosphere furnace heat treatment production line and excellent Seiko CNC machine tool production equipment. All parts CNC machining, the key technology of CNC control to ensure that the products of high quality, high reliability. 
FF (Box to Box) Sub Adapter
Type:Box to Box, Pin to Pin, Box to Pin 
Thread: API REG, IF, BECO 
Max length: 600mm 
Max diameter: 350mm

FF (Box to Box) Sub Adapter

Prodrill FF (Box to Box) Sub Adapter 

FF (Box to Box) Sub AdapterFF (Box to Box) Sub AdapterFF (Box to Box) Sub Adapter

Sub Adapters in factory:
Inspecting Sub Adapters
Sub Adatpers for dth drill pipes:
 Sub Adapters for DTH drill pipes

PDFFor more details please watch PDF online: Sub Adaptor Catalogue

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