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PD180 Crawler type water well drilling rig

  • Drilling depth(m):180m:
  • Hole diameter(mm):140-254:
  • Dimension(mm):4000*1600*2200:
  • Weight (T):4.5:

PD180 Crawler type water well drilling rig

Product details

The company focuses on the development of full-hydraulic multi-function water well drilling rigs for more than 15 years, and has become a production service provider for domestic professional R&D and large-scale production of top-loading full hydraulic water well drilling rigs. There are 200, 300, 400, 450, 500, 600,800  and other series of water well drilling rigs with a drilling depth of 200-2500 meters and a hole diameter of 100-350mm. And the specifications and types of similar products are available.


PD180 Crawler type water well drilling rig specifications



The weight (T)


The Hole Diameter(mm)


Drilling depth(m)


One-time advance length(m)


Walking speed(km/h)


Climbing angles(Max.)


Equipped capacitor(KW)


Using air pressure(mpa)


Air consumption(m3/min)


Drill pipe diameter(mm)

Φ76     Φ89

Drill pipe length(m)

1.5   2.0   3.0   

Rig lifting force(T)


Swing speed(rpm)


Swing torque(N.m)




Advantage of our Drilling Rig:

1、Fully hydraulic control is convenient and flexible. The speed, torque, propulsion shaft pressure, reverse shaft pressure, propulsion speed and lifting speed of the drilling machine can be adjusted at any time to meet the needs of different drilling tools and different construction processes.

2、Top drive rotary propulsion. It is convenient for the drill pipe to be connected and unloaded, shortening the auxiliary time, and also facilitating the drilling with the pipe.

3、Multi-functional drilling. Various drilling processes can be used on such drilling rigs, such as: down-the-hole drilling, through-air reverse circulation drilling, gas lift reverse circulation drilling, cutting drilling, cone drilling, heel drilling, and The core is being developed and so on. The rig can be equipped with mud pumps, foam pumps and generators according to user requirements. The rig also comes standard with a variety of winches.

4、High work efficiency. Thanks to the full hydraulic and top drive rotary propulsion, it is suitable for various drilling processes and various drilling tools. It is easy to operate and flexible, with fast drilling speed and short auxiliary time, so the work efficiency is high.

5、Low cost. Drilling on the rock is dominated by the DTH hammer drilling process, and the DTH hammer rock drilling operation is highly efficient, and the single-meter drilling cost is lower.

6、High leg crawler. The high-legged legs are easy to load and transport, and can be directly loaded without a crane. Tracked walking is more suitable for muddy on-site movement.

7、Positive and negative axial pressure regulation. The optimum impact efficiency of the various impactors has their optimum axial pressure and speed. During the drilling process, as the number of drill pipes increases, the axial pressure on the impactor also increases. Therefore, the positive and negative axial pressure valves are adjusted during construction to ensure that the impactor can obtain a more matching axial pressure. At this time, the impact efficiency is higher.

8、The role of the oil mister. Patented oil mister and oil mist pump. During the drilling process, the high-speed impactor is lubricated at all times to extend its service life to a greater extent.

9、Drill chassis. It can be a crawler-type self-propelled chassis or a self-propelled chassis.

10、More valuable. Since the main components of the rig are all imported brands, the main frame of the rig is made of high-quality high-strength low-carbon alloy steel, which increases the overall strength and is super wear-resistant. There is also a heavier hydraulic system, which is very valuable.

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