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Diamond Wire Cutter

  • Model: HP-300B
  • Output: 12T
  • Contact Mould: 16-300mm2
  • Ram Stroke: 18mm
  • Length: 490mm
  • Weight: 4.0kg

Diamond Wire Cutter

Product details

Hydraulic Crimping Tools, or Hydraulic Wire Press, Manual Wire Press is a necessary tool for Diamond single and Multi Wire. 

Prodrill: Hydraulic Crimping Tools model HB-300B:

Hydraulic Crimping HB-300B for Diamond Multi Wire

Specification & Application

The tool pressure could be automatically adjusted in any direction. Stable crimping in low resistance and high efficiency. It is ideal for compression of Cu/Al terminals in the end and middle of power wiring line. It's the only choice for all electric power companies.

Hydraulic Crimping HB-300B for Diamond Multi Wire

Operation Manual

In crimping conductor, select demanded conductor size, match relevant crimping size. Then put terminal in the middle of crimping die. Tighten oil return switch. Turn movable handle to drive plunger work. Then oil pressure lifts. Big plunger push crimping die ahead until two pieces of dies touch slightly. (Don't impose more pressure. Otherwise parts inside would be damaged.) If fitted with safety unit, inside safety unit would release pressure automatically when pressure reach to preset limit. Then undo oil return switch. The piston automatically reset. The first step finishes. The step 2 is by analogy with step one. It is normal that there is little oil appearing from plunger and big piston in operation.

Hydraulic Crimping HB-300B for Diamond Multi Wire


Compact structure. It needs to be maintained by specific person. Hitting, impacting and damp must be strictly prohibited. Don't disassemble at discretion.

After period of time of operation, oil volume would be reduced slightly so that NO.20 mechanical oil must be filled. (In disassembly, keep site clean to avoid dust and sand.) Rotate and disassemble the fixed handle and pull out back oil piston from oil bag... Add in 200 eye filtrated net. After filtration of No. 20 mechanical oil, should be fully filled. Then undo oil return switch. Turn the movable handle repeatedly. Discharge the air from oil bag. Then tighten oil piston and fixed handle.

Hydraulic Crimping HB-300B for Diamond Multi Wire

Hydraulic Crimping HB-300B packaging.

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