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PD28 Excavator Drill Attchment Drill

PD28 Excavator Drill Attchment Drill

Product details

The PD-28 is made for general excavations, quarrying and bolting with hexagonal shank rods with a shank size of 108mm(41/2")*22mm(7/8"). The PD-28 can use water flushing or air flushing.

PD-28 is a hydraulic rock drill to drill diameter 32mm(1¼") to 50mm(2") holes.

PD-28 Excavator Drilling Attchemnt Specification
Drill bits & Drill rods Drilling Scope φ32-φ46mm
Length of rail 3.3m
Length of drill rod 3m
Max drilling depth 2.5m
Drill rod shank size   22*108mm 
Model No.  PD-28
Hydraulic rock drill Impact Energy 60-65J
Impact Frequency 55-65HZ
Rotary Speed 250-300rmp
size 600mm*173mm*190mm
weight 30kg
Power 7kw
Working pressure 15-17.5Mpa
Oil flow 30-35L/min
Air/Water flushing Pressure 5-8kg/3-5kg
Air/Water consumption 0.6m3/min/10L/min
Torque 60-65Nm
Model Y28
Air Compressor  Type  Piston type
Mini air Consumption 1m3/min
Max air pressure 5-8kg
In drilling control system electric & hydraulic
Drilling degree  ±90Or ±30
Excavator 2-4 tons   any brands 
Assembly Can be installed directly for use without any change excavator

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